Real Estate Investment Services (REIS) is proud to provide a new
A La Carte Service for the Hands On Property Owner

We created REIS4rentbyowner.com Services just for you!

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Marketing and Advertising


You can now provide maximum exposure to Your Rental Property to Your Prospective Tenants utilizing our Professional and Powerful Website Advertising


      Advertise your Property For Rent on www.REIS4rentbyowner.com

Advertise your Company Services on our Outside Services pages at 
 and  www.REISInvest.com
A reciprocal website link
 allowed at no addditional cost

Tenant Services
Screen Tenants           (Charged to Applicant)                                        
Each applicant over 18 is screened for credit, criminal background including terrorist activity or identity theft issues, past rental history and employment verification

Owner Services


Complete Market Rent Study



Lead Based Paint and Mold Booklets                                                              


Prepare Lease and Addendums.                                                          
                                    Meet with Tenants to explain & sign. Provide copy to
                                    Owner and Tenant


Perform Move-In Inspection with Tenant                                          
                                    Meet with Tenant at property.  
                                    Do the walk through Inspection.   
                                    Have Tenant sign Walk Thru Findings.  
                                    Provide copy to Owner and Tenant 

      Perform Move-Out with Tenant.                                                          

      Meet Tenant at property. Do the Move Out Inspection. Have Tenant sign Move Out findings. Provide copy to Owner and Tenant


Complete Deposit Disbursement Provide copy to Owner             

      Do cost estimate of cleaning & damage. Fill out the Security Deposit Disbursement. Provide copy to Owner for mailing to the Tenant within 14 days of the move out date per WA State Law


Prepare, Mail & Posting of Notices                                                        

      Mileage restrictions will apply  


Get your Property Licensed as a Rental in Tacoma - City Fee Plus our charges  


Annual Property Inspection                                                                       


Document Research or Professional Testimony 

Vendor Services

      Advertise on www.REIS4rentbyowner.com  and www.REISinvest.com                                      

      Provide a link on our Outside Services Page at  www.REIS4rentbyowner.com and www.REISinvest.com