Property Management is a Business
Real Estate Investment Services (REIS) Can Help
If you provide multifamily housing and a majority of your tenants qualify as low-income  King County Housing Authority can help you weatherize your properties with grants and/or low-interest loans. The Weatherization program includes installation of insulation and thermal windows, furnace repairs, installation of mechanical ventilation and air sealing against drafts. To find out if you qualify for KCHA's Weatherization program, please call (206) 214-1240.

Current Property Management Tips
  • If you do not have an agreement signed by the Tenants saying the Smoke Detector is in working order & that they agree to maintain it your insurance company may not pay a claim or you may be sued if there is a fire
  • All Tenants over 18 have to be served individually or a separate notice posted to each Tenant over 18 for an eviction process to be able to hold up in court

  • If in Tacoma- Have you gotten your business license yet? Property Owners who rent or lease real property in the City of Tacoma are required to register with the City of Tacoma and obtain a business license if the total gross receipts are expected to be over $10,000 per year. ($850.00 per month) The cost for the annual business license is $80.00. To obtain a business license contact the Tax & License Division at (253) 591-5252. We expect that other Cities will follow

  • You might not have control over what your Tenant does AFTER they move in but you need to have them sign an agreement at move in that the Hot Water Tank is set at 120 degrees. If you don't & someone gets scalded you could be sued

  • A Drugs & Gang Addendum is helpful in evicting for these types of behavior

  • Does your lease have a clause disallowing Pools, Trampolines & some breeds of Dogs?Your insurance company can raise your rates or even cancel your insurance if they discover these items on the property

  • Make sure you provide your Tenants with the Lead base Paint & Mold Booklets that are required by law to be given to the Tenant

  • Be sure to have a Written List of Rental Qualifications &  always follow them  so you do not get sued for discrimination

  • Be sure to do a through Tenant Screening including Criminal and adhering to the requirements of The Patriot Act. We once had a possible Tenant come back on our criminal report as having a Warrant out for his Arrest for Murder. We were drawing straws as to who would be the one to turn him down, TRUE STORY